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Suomi-Finland declared itself independent 100 years ago. Finland was besides Russia and Great Britain the only European country being a part in WW II that was not occupied during the war.

Vaasan Marssi was accepted 20 years ago as an event among the IML walking events. The event run by volunteers and is in 2017 also an IML & IVV Cup event (

In order to celebrate Finland’s 100th anniversary of independence and Vaasan Kävelyklubis 20 years of existence in 2017, additional IVV walks be arranged in Helsinki and in Vaasa during the week between the events in Jurbarkas, Lithuania ( and Vaasa Marssi.

Walkers who take part in these walks will get a totally new unique stamp in their IVV-books.

On Tuesday the 8th and on Wednesday the 9th of August members of our club in Helsinki will arrange IVV walks. These walks (about 12 km) offer a versatile opportunity to watch the most important tourist attractions and sceneries in the centre of Helsinki either with a guide or on your own with a map. On Wednesday an additional guided of about 14 km mostly along the shores. Both days the tour starts at 09.30 a.m. at the Helsinki Main Railway station, by the entrance on Kaivokatu. If you want to participate in these walks, preferable be in touch with Yrjö Saraste (Yrjo.Saraste(at) and Sirkka Simontschuk (sirkka.simontschuk(at) beforehand.

In Vaasa and its neighbourhood free IVV-walks will be arranged on Wednesday 9th of August and on Thursday 10th together with the outdoor association Vaasan Latu and inhabitants of the township Vähäkyrö. The starting time of the bus is 13 o’clock in front of the Town Hall. The transportation fee is 10 euros. On Wednesday we look at the surroundings of the lake Pilvilampi and the water treatment plant of the town Vaasa (about 12 km). On Thursday we will walk along the shores of the river Kyrönjoki and hear about the history and culture of Vähäkyrö (about 10 km). If you want to participate, please contact Helena Kyröläinen (helena.kyrolainen(at) and Margareta Blomfeldt (margareta.blomfeldt(at) by email beforehand. The number of participants is limited due to transportation.

Everyone who during the Vaasan Marssi week has walked at least 100 km IVV walks in Finland will receive a special diploma to commemorate 100 years of Finnish independence. The diploma is also given to war veterans and their spouses.

To celebrate Finland 100 years of independency war veterans, both male and female, and their spouses can participate in Vaasan Marssi for free. On Friday 11.8. at 11 a.m. there will be a celebration for war veterans by the statue of Liberty at the Market Place in Vaasa, followed by coffee at Edvininpolku.

We try to avoid use and discard culture – bring your own drinking cup. Cups will be available to buy or hire.

School accomodation: Merenkurkun koulu, address: Kirkkopuistikko 33, ph +358408483130.

Participants in archipelago: Follow weather reports! After rain the paths might be rather wet. Let us know of any food allergies etc in advance.