Vaasan Marssi

The participation fee

The participation fee can be submitted to the bank account of Vaasan Marssi, Nordea Vaasa, IBAN CODE: FI73 1528 3000 1027 85 and SWIFT / BIC CODE: NDEAFIHH (recommended) or at the registration point in Vaasa.

The participation fees are:

Registration form arrived by July 27, three days 25 €
Registration form arrives after July 27, three days 30 €
Registration, one day 12 € (10 km), 15 € (20-25 km) and 17 € (41-43 km).
The additional fee 27 € for the archipelago tour (registration not later than 27.7.)
Under 15 years no fee if you walk with your parent (except the archipelago tour).

All participate at their own risk.

Pre-registrations of groups

Please send a list of participants as an attached file by e-mail to
helena.kyrolainen(at)netikka.fi and seija.komulainen48(at)gmail.com


*) Obligatory


    * Last name / Family name / Surname:

    * First name / Given name:

    I participate for the time in Vaasan Marssi


    I participate in the following

    Friday: Archipelago trip 20 kmArchipelago trip 10 km21 km10 km    (Archipelago trip: registratation not later than 27.7)

    Saturday: 42 km23 km10 km

    Sunday: 42 km25 km20 km10 km


    If you did not get a confirmation of your participation, please try again or contact +358 40 736 1238 Helena; helena.kyrolainen(at)netikka.fi and seija.komulainen48(at)gmail.com