Note! We have discovered problems in our data system between May 21 to June 14. If you did not get any automatic confirmation of your registration, please registrate participation again or contact us. Sorry for the trouble caused.

We are arranging the Vaasa Marssi event 13.-15.8.2021, if the Corona situation allows it, so that the event is as safe as possible for all participants. However this year Vaasan Marssi is not arranged as an international IML event which means that IML stamps, medals, etc. are not given. We are however distributing Vaasan Marssi medals, numbers and diplomas and IVV stamps etc.

If we receive too few registrations for a certain route we might cancel it. The walker can then choose another route. We inform the walkers about changes in the program.

On Saturday 14.8. the Voluntary Defence Training organisation is arranging their Kesäyön marssi (March in the summer night) in Vaasa. We are actively co-operating with them in arrangements of both events.

On your way to or from Vaasa you can accomplish a 10 km / 20 km IVV-Walk in Tampere Region, more info from mrs Liisa Tyllilä, Tel: + 358 400 636 057, E-Mail:, or Hiking Travel, Tel: + 358  50 414 7197 , E-Mail: