Vaasan Kävelyklubi ry


France, Chantonnay 2013

Vaasan Kävelyklubi was founded in 1992. The aim of the society is to promote walking as a form of motion. The society arranges annually the international walking event Vaasan Marssi.

Since 2000 we have the established 10 km walk every Sunday starting at 10 o’clock from the Market place. The directions vary. There is also the permanent walk called Maijas -10-km-Walk. The map and the instructions are available at the reception of the hotel Vaakuna, where you also get the IVV-stamps. The link to the route:

Once a year we take the school children of the city out for a walk. We also participate in international walking events throughout the world, e.g. the Czech Republic and Germany 2024. In addition we are hiking this year e.g. in Umeå and on the new European pilgrimage route through coastal Ostrobothnia, which connects up with the Norwegian-Swedish route St. Olavsleden, which leads to Trondheim, see

You need not be a member of the society to participate in our activities – we welcome anyone enjoying walking to take part.